5 cars that have aged abnormally well

Just like people, some cars age well and others well… not so much. Here are five cars that refuse to look their age.

Ford Ka

The Ford Ka. Hasn’t it aged well (image:Matt Sharpe/Flickr)

The little Ka remained a prominent part of Ford’s European lineup for over a decade, or 12 years to be exact. It’s unconventional styling with large, wrap-around bumpers and plenty of triangular shapes seemed to make the years particular kind on its design. What’s amazing is that you could place a launch Ka from 1996 against a run out model from 2008 and, aesthetically speaking, you’d find very little difference between the cars. Just imagine how dated a Vauxhall Corsa or Citroen Saxo from 1996 would’ve looked had it been sold in 2008!

Audi TT

It’s hard to believe that many of these cars are now 18 years old (image:Michel Curi/Flickr)

Following a debut as a concept car at the 1995 Frankfurt Motor Show, the TT enjoyed eight years of production until the car was redesigned in 2006. The bubble-like curves of Audi’s TT have truly stood the test of time, and its hard to believe that early examples of these cars are fast approaching two decades on this earth.


Still the best looking of the new generation MINIs (image:Konrad Karlsson/Flickr)

First showing its face in 2001, the MINI has been an astonishing success ever since. Although often credited to BMW, the MINI’s design was part of a drawn out and heated relationship between Rover and BMW. The man ultimately responsible for its design was Frank Stephenson – now design director of McLaren Cars, Stephenson has cars such as the P1, MP4-12C and even the latest Fiat 500 within his portfolio.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in thinking that these cars have only gone on to get bigger and uglier since this original R50 generation.

Mazda MX5

8660257751_b5a02e169f_h (1)
Smiley and youthful, the NA MX5 (image:Matia Tukiainen/Flickr

Yes, you can’t read a current motoring publication anywhere without frequent mention of this car, and it’s for good reason. The Mazda MX5, or Miata for American readers, has aged incredibly well considering its oldest examples are now 27 years old. It’s the first generation NA car that everyone remembers so fondly, with its graceful proportions, pop-up lamps, and cheeky grin at the front bumper.


The Z4 is a truly timeless bit of design (image:betancourt/Flickr)

The Z4 was the work of Danish design Anders Warming, although credit often goes to BMW’s then head designer Chris Bangle. Loved and loathed universally, the Z4’s design still splits opinion, but if one thing is for sure, this is a car that doesn’t look like it was first launched in 2002.








  1. What are you talking about?! The author of this article is obviously 19 or less for saying that these cars have aged well since..the 90’s. The comment about the mini is cute and probably only there because you saw the remake and wondered why.

    • Gregory ur anasole ;), appreciate the comment, I’m actually 25 years old but apologies for not being on this planet longer. Sorry to remind you, but the 90s are now a couple of decades behind us.

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