Shared car lights that you can’t unsee

Don’t say I didn’t warn you – once you are aware of these, they truly cannot be unseen!

I’m talking about part sharing, in particular, light units that are shared across different cars. Some of these are  well known, while others could well catch you by surprise..

McLaren's F1 and a coach..

The rear lights of the McLaren F1 actually came from a Bova coach. Yup, seriously, enlarge the picture above and see for yourself.. Stranger still, the F1 received front indicators from the Lotus Elan – the thinnest available – apparently. For more gloriously geeky facts about the F1, you really should watch this video from Evo’s Henry Catchpole.

TVR Griffith and Vauxhall Cavalier

TVR’s Griffith lights should look familiar to anyone who’s up on their 90’s Vauxhalls. They’re actually upturned units from the mk3 Cavalier.


Jaguar XJ220 and Rover 200

Jaguar might’ve hidden the lenses behind a big old grille but there’s no hiding the fact that they were originally placed on the back of various Rover 200s.

Noble M12 and Ford Mondeo

The Noble M12 GTO used rear lights from the first Ford Mondeo. The parts in these photos aren’t identical, but you get the idea..

The M12’s V6 engine and gearbox were also sourced from the Mondeo, along with an interior that also raided the Ford parts bin.

Ford RS200 and Sierra

Less surprising is Ford’s group B homologation special, the RS200, which sported lights straight from a 3dr Sierra. Its windows were also trimmed Sierra parts.

TVR Cerbera and Ford Fiesta

TVR always found plenty of use for parts from other manufacturers but the heavily smoked light clusters used in its early Cerbera models were actually a flipped Ford part from the mk3 Fiesta.

Simca 1000 and Ford GT40

The mk1 Ford GT40 shared its rear lamps with a much more modest vehicle – Simca’s little 1000. Lancia’s Stratos and 037 also used the same design – as did the Fiat 850 and plenty of other vehicles.

Editor’s note: It turns out that the Simca 1000 rear lamps (made by SEV Marchal) shared with the GT40 are actually different to the Fiat 850 rear lamps (made by Seima) which are used by the Stratos, thanks to Glenn, an eagle-eyed reader for pointing this out.

BMW M1 & 6 series

Another homologation special to get somewhat ordinary rear lights, was BMW’s M1 supercar. Below the distinctive BMW roundels at either side of the M1 tailgate, was a light cluster from BMW’s shark-nose  E24 6 series.


Big thanks to Pistonheads forum, in particular this thread which is full of discussion on this topic.


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  1. Hi Oliver,

    Good eye ! The most stunning are the contrast between Bova vs Mc F1, Rover 200 vs XJ220, Sierra vs RS2000 and Simca 1000 vs Ford GT40. Ordinary vehicles versus Supercars.

    Perhaps the conversation between the Chief Engineer (CE) and the Chief Designer (CD) was:

    CD: Finish !!! It took me eighteen months of my life, but the design is finish.
    CE: Have you realized that there are not rear lights?
    CD: Rear lights? Why? It’s a supercar ! It’s ridiculous ! None car will get so close to see the rear lights of this supercar !
    CE: Probably you are right. But… tomorrow I want to see the ridiculous rear lights in this supercar !!! All right???
    CD: Okay. So be it…

  2. I’m afraid they were wrong on a couple of those.The Noble tail lights are off of a BMW Z3,not a Mondeo.The TVR tail lights are from a MK4 Fiesta,not a MK3

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