Cazana car check — stalk your old cars like never before

I tend to spend too much time browsing classified car adverts and the thought of my next four-wheeled purchase is never out of my mind for long. If any of that sounds familiar then hopefully you’ll be impressed with what I’m about to tell you about.

What is Cazana car check?

Quite simply, (formerly website is one of the best resources I’ve come across for those looking at buying a used car.

By crawling vehicle data from the likes of eBay, Gumtree and more than 8,000 individual dealers, the website is able to access current and historical classified adverts for the vehicle you have in question.

Why would this information be useful I hear you ask? Well, in my particular case I was able to discover exactly where and when my car was last sold. The advert contained additional information on the car’s mechanical upkeep and service history as well as listing a few faults that were present at the time of sale (and still were when I purchased it multiple years afterwards!).

Hey, there’s my old car, just as I sold it

Thanks to only requiring a registration number for the search, you can also use the site to track cars that you’ve bought and sold over the years. I warn you though; this is an addictive and sometimes alarming thing to do!

The next owner put less than 1,500 miles on the Integra before listing it at considerably less money only a few months later

Cazana’s free lookup service also offers its users information on the car’s MOT history and information on any owner or number plate changes. It also gives a free valuation, estimated mileage (where possible) and for those willing to get their wallet out, it offers two levels of vehicle history check: silver (£3.99) and gold (£9.99), the latter being an official HPI finance check that’s protected by a £10,000 guarantee.

I was so impressed that I thought I’d send the site owners an email thanking them for the service. The next day I had a call from Tom, who founded the site a few years back. He was pleased to hear my feedback and assured me that Cazana is currently being developed further to offer more for people like you and I. More on that when it comes!

So, if you’re after an intriguing insight into the history of your previous cars then head over to and see for yourself.

Oh, and by the way, this isnt a paid for advertorial. I dont know the people behind this company. Its just an honest pointer for those looking to seek more information into any cars theyre wishing to buy.

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