Classic Remise Berlin in pictures

On a recent trip to Germany I was pointed in the direction of Berlin’s Classic Remise (thanks, Tripadvisor).

In this old tram depot (Remise translates to coach house), sits one of the most impressive car collections I’ve seen to date. Entry is free, and the majority of the cars are displayed with no tape, no barriers and no tacky plinths or plaques. Take note Britain – this is how you present a car collection for true enthusiasts!

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I’m not entirely sure what the setup is with the exhibits but it appears that much of the collection is for sale (spec sheets and prices were listed in many of the car’s windows). Also situated within the building is a classic car garage, a shop for classic parts and even a model car store.

Some of the most valuable cars were behind glass (sorry for any iffy pics) but this didn’t really detract from the experience for me. For those more attracted to two wheels, this place shouldn’t disappoint as the Remise also holds an impressive motorcycle collection.

As usual, below are my shots from the day – if you’re ever in Berlin then make sure you make the stop!


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