The Escort Cosworth without its whale tail is a sight to behold

Ford’s Escort Cosworth boasts one of the most radical spoilers of all time, but did you realise that some Cossies were actually sold without it? Yep, here’s the Ford Escort Cosworth without its rear spoiler!

In certain territories the Escort Cosworth’s mighty rear shelf was not allowed. In Switzerland, for example, the whale tail was declared a danger to motorcyclists in the event of a crash and thus all of its examples used a smaller rear spoiler. Even in the UK, later Cossies were offered with the option of a spoiler delete.

Like a rhino without its horn? A dog without its tail?… I actually quite like it. And let’s be honest, this modification pales in example to what the Swiss apparently did to the Ferrari F40! You can read more about that here.


Image Credits
Main article image: Whale Tail from Liza on Flickr
Ferrari images
Escort Cosworth images from and this carandclassic advert


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