The red Sierra Cosworth of Vince Woodman

The Sierra Cosworth could hardly be considered a common car even when it was first produced, but now, three decades on, it’s truly a rare sight on Britain’s roads. Even more rare, is the RS500 homologation special which now features almost exclusively at shows and museums.

Yet there’s a Sierra Cosworth that’s rarer than the rest, one that even the nerdiest of Ford geeks don’t always know about, and that’s this car. You see, those lucky enough to order a Sierra Cosworth from a Ford dealer would’ve had the choice of three colours: Diamond White, Moonstone Blue or Black. The one exception to this was the Rosso Red D506RVW.

cossie (88 of 107)
Here it is, the Cossie you probably never even knew existed

There are conflicting reports as to how this car actually came about, but it is known that D506RVW was originally used as a press car by Ford Motor Company, who remained the registered keeper of the vehicle until the car was sold to its current owner at a Ford closed auction on December 13th 1988.

Before the sale, this car had been on long-term loan to the Duke of Bedford, who is believed to have requested the car in red — thus triggering its build.

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D506RVW has been registered to its current owner since it left Ford’s possession

A similar story surrounds the late Princess Diana’s Ford Escort RS Turbo, which was one of few examples to leave the Ford factory in black. Interestingly, like the Sierra, Diana’s car is said to have remained registered to Ford Motor Company throughout her ownership.

Back to the Sierra, and in particular its owner — Vince Woodman. Vince is a well-respected and successful competitor in Touring Car competition throughout the world. He’s also a life member of the British Racing Drivers Club. Although cars from many manufacturers featured throughout his driving career of six decades, more often than not, Woodman was working the wheel behind a blue oval and enjoyed the majority of his success in numerous Escorts and Capris.

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Woodman has enjoyed the car in its standard form for nearly three decades

Woodman also ran a well-known Ford main dealer and was appointed an RS agent for the South West of England, in a career in car sales that lasted more than 50 years. Vince also happens to be my grandfather and a man who I can surely blame for my passion for driving as well as all things car related.

As you’d expect from a driver of his calibre, the red Sierra Cosworth has been thoroughly enjoyed throughout his ownership and yet remains in superb, original condition. Having been in secure storage for a few years now, the car was last driven by myself at Castle Combe’s 60th Anniversary meeting back in 2010.

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The Recaro interior is in particularly good condition

Countless cars have featured Woodman’s name on their logbooks and yet very few of them have stuck with him, this car is an exception, and a true favourite of his.

Amazingly, if you like this car enough you can actually buy a 1:43 scale model of it from Corgi!

Note: I’ll update this article with better images of the car once I get more time and a sunny day!




  1. Hi Oli,

    Very nice Sierra RS Cosworth (amazing story about the only Red one) and great owner, your grandfather Vince Woodman. It would be very interesting a next post about his driver career, specially the 1981 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps with Ford Capri III 3.0S

    Best regards,


  2. Very inspiring set up for me years ago, I would often drive there to stare at the series one RS Turbo’s and said to myself one day, wow, now I’ve become one of the uk’s largest independent Rally Sport Specialists, thanks VMW

  3. Grew up in Frampton and always loved this car, didn’t your grandad once chase a criminal in this or was this just a village rumour? He did tell me off a few times for skateboarding on the forecourt though now I can see his point..

    • Nice to hear from a local! Yes, this car was actually pinched off of the VMW forecourt after it was left briefly with its keys in the ignition. Vince then pursued the criminal in another Cosworth and, when the criminal failed to lose Vince in the chasing car, he ditched the red cossie, chucked the keys and legged it! Was covered in local papers at the time.

      • Great story ..I also grew up in Frampton allways passed vmw motors day dreaming at the cossies for sale ..

      • Never knew it briefly got stolen! What a story about your grandad chasing them down in another Cossie.

  4. Remember seeing a picture of a red car in one of the magazines at the time, might have been in performance car magazine.Might even have a copy somewhere.Still have some of the road tests from 86, head to head against the E30 BMW M3 and more than held its own all for only 16k. Proper 3dr Rs and a Cosworth badge thrown in. Doesn’t get much better!

    • Thanks for the offer Andrew but there’s already plenty of documentation for us to sift through on this car, I wouldn’t want to disclose the VIN as it isn’t my vehicle. Thanks

  5. Hi Oli,
    IAs a young fellow (many years ago) I always enjoyed watching your grandfather race. His 1300 BDA Escort Mk1 was gorgeous, I very possibly have a photo of it at Brands Hatch, I shall have to check my old photo albums. Excellent driver and very fast but fair. I hope he is well and please thank him for the memories!


    • Hey Paul, thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s great to hear from one of Vince’s fans.

      Unfortunately Vince suffered a stroke a few years back so his driving days are now behind him but he’s still keeping well, thanks.

      Shortly before he fell ill Vince built himself a BDG-engined Mk1 Escort, a car that I’m soon going to feature on this blog.

      Once again, thanks for your comment,

  6. Hi i lived in winterbourne for 21 years and I used to work for vince back in 1990.
    I remember this car very well, I’ve been out in it several times. It was registered on VMW2 for years. I was also working there at the time it got stolen.
    I remember vince jumping into a black cosworth and giving chase. He stopped them in downend if I remember right. The funny thing was Alistair the salesman also followed in a mark 3 escort 1.3L (about 2 miles behind by the time vince had stopped them)
    Vince was a great driver and a good man to work for.
    Really sorry to hear of his stroke. Hope he is well
    Great article.

    • Hey Jason,
      Great to hear from you and thanks for sharing your memories of VMW and Vince himself.
      You’re right, I remember my Dad telling me the same story, think it made the papers at the time! Not the sort of thing you hear happening nowadays!
      Thanks for getting in touch,
      Oli Woodman

  7. Hi Oli,

    Its Sam Farrant. One of Nicks kids, Brilliant blog and so nice to read all of the comments extending my knowledge on this car and Vince himself. A grandson of a car thieving hero by the sounds of it. Hope you and the family are well.

    Sam Farrant

    • Hey Sam, nice to hear from you and hope you’re well? All good on my side thank you. Have you taken after your dad and picked up any of the biking stuff?

      Glad you enjoyed this post too mate, I never get the time to write for the blog nowadays unfortunately!


      • Yeah we are good thank you. I hope you’re all well with everything happening in the world current. I’ve picked up some of the biking stuff but not as extreme as dad himself.

        Love checking back on this page to see if there are any new comments about Grandad.

        Wish you well and the family well.


  8. Hi Oli I worked at VMW early 90s when the Red Cosworth was Vinces daily drive Just a little story for you also that I remember. Vince borrowed a Lotus Charlton once when they first came out from a friend at Welches I remember him saying He came in the workshop and said he was going to Castle Coombe to do a photo shoot for the broucher for the Chipping Sodbury showroom.and had to get the car back but if he had time he would take us out in it. Thankfully he did and took me and another lad out in it. He took us up the Irion Acton road up to Yate and God did it ever go. He was in full race mode (but sensible ) with hand hovering over gear stick I can still remember it did 90 mph in second gear don’t think we got into 4th Was a great experience and still remember it all these years on Luckily I had my camera on me that day and took photos of it I also have some photos of the Cologne Capri in the corner of the workshop under a dust sheet (remember them starting that up once also ) also have some general pics of the forecourt with a certain Cosworth D122JPW that was the bodyshop foremans car when it was up for sale. Best wishes

    • Hey Jason,

      Thanks for sharing your memories. I’m jealous that you got out in a Lotus Carlton with Grampy, I bet he didn’t hold back much! Those things are seriously impressive even today.

      I also have good memories of Vince driving quickly (but safely) on the road, the most recent of which was an early morning drive to Silverstone circuit in his manual E46 M3. Excellent times!

      All the best.

  9. Hi Oli
    I see that D506RVW is no longer in the woodmans possession I watched it go through auction and make £58,000
    I must admit I thought it would make more as it’s such a one off.
    I hope Vince is ok as the last time I saw your dad whilst I was doing my ATA he told me he wasn’t well.
    All the best.

    • Hi Jason,

      Shame the car didn’t make the expected money at auction. We we able to take Vince to Castle Combe for the Autumn Classic a few weeks back and he had a great day out. Thanks for your well wishes.

      All the best,

  10. Hi oli
    I to worked for your grandfather for quite a number of years.
    I spent good deal of that time responsible for the maintenance and repair of the famous red cosworth along with all the other customers cosworth as well.
    All these years later I still have good memories of working for your grandfather and was lucky enough to drive the Colone Capri be it briefly ! .
    I to remember the day your grandfather car was stolen and him giving chase , unfortunately we became a bit of a target and had to change our security following the incident due to the regular amount of high performance car’s that where in our care
    Give my best wishes to carol and Vince
    Regards Mike Powell

    • Good times working there mike.
      I was only talking about you today as I now have my dads escort rs turbo. Do you still live in yate.? Please get in touch bud. 07766 660158

    • Hey mike. Are you still in Yate mate.?? I was talking about you the other day cus I’ve got my dads old series one rs turbo. Give me a call if you would mate 07766660158 Jase

  11. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Great to hear of your time at VMW and fond memories with Vince. Love the story of him giving chase in the customer’s Cosworth!

    Will pass on your best wishes to him and Carol.

    Thank you,

    Oli Woodman

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