This Ford Escort 1300 GT has covered just 10,000 miles

Here at 95RON I love nothing more than well-kept classic cars, particularly those with a good story behind them. You can imagine my excitement then, when a good friend of mine got in touch to share the story of this rather special Ford Escort 1300 GT.

Ford Escort 1300 GT front in black

For those who don’t know, the Escort 1300 GT was really the first of Ford’s sporting Escorts and received a punchier Weber-carbureted version of the Ford Crossflow engine along with servo-assisted disc brakes, a close-ratio gearbox and wider wheels. Sold in two or four door form, it was good for a top speed of 94mph.

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This particular 1300 GT was originally a special order car for an officer serving in the RAF. The car stayed with this gentleman during a tour of Cyprus that lasted through to 1970.

Ford Escort 1300 GT clocks, temperature gauge and fuel level

Since then, the Escort 1300 GT has changed hands only twice and still resides in Cyprus, its odometer has only recently flicked over the 10,000 mile mark, meaning that 75hp Crossflow below its bonnet is barely run in!

The subtropical climate plus its owner’s insistence on keeping this car under a sheet means that this little Ford has retained much of its original Alpina Green paintwork.

Previous owners have also refrained from fiddling about with the car too much; its RS alloys and Moto-Lita steering wheel were period accessories, for example. The interior has recently been re-trimmed (since these photographs).

Ford Escort 1300 GT rear in black registration DT 695

Bones claims that the car drives amazingly, and I’d not doubt that for a second. “This is the only one of this year/model that I know of in Cyprus and it always gets masses of attention wherever I go”, he said. When quizzed on whether or not Bones would part with the car he added: “It could be for sale but the offer would have to be very strong”.

Huge thanks to Andrew Dodd for lining up this feature and his great photographs, and thanks too to John Bones for allowing us access to his pride and joy.


  1. hi do you have photos of the engine I have a exact model 13gt 1968 the only difference is that I added the chrome all round of the later 13gt. I need to ask you something the shelf on the passenger side it is original that glove box as mine didn’t have. thanks

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