My eBay watch list is better than yours, here’s why


Just look at it, several metres of Series 3 Jaguar XJ, and then some. A rarity when new, this Ladbroke Avon Limited conversion of Jaguar’s XJ must now be bordering on extinction.

A quick Google informed me that somewhere around 20 examples were built, ever. It was an effort in coachbuilding that won the company a gold medal at the 1980 Birmingham Motor Show, no less.

If it were black then you know it’d get mistaken for a hearse

According to a great page over at, a site dedicated to the fabulous Jaguar XJC convertible, which itself predated the XJ estate. The Labroke Avon Limited commanded an additional £5,500 over a standard Series 3 XJ. The quality of the conversion was often praised, something that was reflected in Jaguar’s choice to honour its warranty on these cars.

Before the enormous rear screen are seats that fold to offer a van-like, 7ft 6in load area

Looking a little worse for wear, this light blue, 6-cylinder example appears to be only hours from rescue and is currently commanding £3,500 through its eBay listing.

Well, at least it was, as before I could finish writing this article the eBay auction page refreshed itself and presented a message saying the item was no longer available for sale. I can only assume that someone offered a price the owner couldn’t resist.

Let’s hope he or she brings this ungainly big cat back to its former glory.

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