Take a walk around the internet’s finest showroom of modern classics

Classic car specialists KGF Cars of Peterborough, England, sure know how to source great stock.

If you’ve not come across them before then may I steer you in the direction of their excellent YouTube page, which for me pretty much sets the standard in how you should sell a car on the internet.

KGF’s videos are easily distinguished by their white background thumbnails, at the centre of which will be an unusual and incredibly well-kept example of a modern classic.

Each clip usually involves a walk around of cars that appear to detailed to within an inch of their lives, including satisfying interior views and the all-important engine start and rev.

So, whether you fancy a timewarp condition Mk2 Vauxhall Cavalier, a Mk1 Focus RS with just 7,424 miles or the utterly gorgeous and alarmingly pristine Mercedes W114 above, the choice is yours.

Scroll down for more videos of their stock over the years including some delightfully obscure choices.

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