Remembering the world’s first two-wheeled Lotus

The Lotus 108 is an oh so British triumph in bicycle design. A bike that taught an entire generation the significance of aerodynamics in one golden moment. Sad then, to notice this particular 108 drew a crowd of zero when displayed at a recent trade show. Tyres deflated, the 108 didn’t even have a name plaque to distinguish it from the irrelevant products that surrounded it.

Still, it’s a real pleasure to see this bike and I hope you enjoy the photographs. For those after more information on the 108 I suggest checking out this article.

4 - Lotus 108 image by Oli WoodmanRevMatchme3 - Lotus 108 image by Oli WoodmanRevMatchme2 - Lotus 108 image by Oli WoodmanRevMatchme5 - Lotus 108 image by Oli WoodmanRevMatchme1 - Lotus 108 image by Oli WoodmanRevMatchme






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