Fast friends: Tom Parsons’ modified Nissan GT-R

Here at RevMatch.Me I’m lucky enough to have good friends that share my unhealthy interest in cars. Amongst my friendship group alone, you’ll find all sorts of interesting metal that I intend to share on this blog – and so, here I introduce fast friends, a regular feature where a friend and (mostly) their car get some well deserved space on the interweb.

RevMatch’s first feature car belongs to a good friend of mine; Bristol-based Tom Parsons has always had a love of cars and his car history consists mostly of fast and capable front-wheel drive choices. After his 20vt powered Seat Ibiza was chopped in for a Mk2 Focus RS, Tom was starting to get into properly quick motors. Tom’s RS left him with at least 60hp more than it arrived with, and in a short amount of time went from a standard, original car to a firebreathing asbo-wagon.

Tom wanted more power than the Focus could sensibly offer and unexpectedly stumbled across the car that this feature is based on – his 2009 Nissan GT-R.


You got your GT-R aged 22, how do people respond to that?

I go to plenty of things with my old man in the car, and plenty of people think it’s his car. That suits me just fine though, it keeps the weirdos away from me..



What was it about the GT-R that drew you in?

Basically, I wanted to go as fast as I could for as little money as possible, and I love the way that to non-car people this slips through the net.

Slips through the net?

Yeah, it’s not as in your face as other fast cars; you can still tell people you drive a Nissan – which can avoid lots of cringey conversations.



Ha! With that in mind, whats the saddest comment youve got from a car enthusiast?

‘Shame it’s not a Ferrari because a Ferrari is a proper racing car’

And from non-car enthusiasts?

‘A common one is – how many mpg do you get out of that?’



Its not your daily driver, but how often do you find yourself using it?

I probably use it more than I should, and occasions that I shouldn’t – its not unusual for me to take it on a trip to ASDA or the pub.

Nice, and whats it like to run?

Service costs from a specialist are easy to stomach but there’s usually an extra job that needs doing. On the whole, though, servicing shouldn’t be more than with a high performance German car. Bank £700 for a full-service from a specialist, while an interim service should set you back around £200. Throughout my ownership the car has been maintained by the guys at Severn Valley Motorsport.




Lowest recorded MPG figure?

Well, I’ve used half a tank going from Kingswood to Cribbs Causeway and back (a 30 mile return journey) On track, I’ve done ¾ of a tank through an hour on track.

Okay, so whats been the most painful moment of ownership so far?

Trying to find a fucking parking space in Bristol where you aren’t risking the £1,000 per litre paintwork.. Other than that, I found out my downpipes were warped due to not being heat wrapped.



Ouch, well what power are we talking?

There are three maps: low boost is around 480hp, mid boost is 500-550hp or so and high boost should offer between 650-700hp. There’s also a valet mode that restricts throttle and boost, in this mode it performs similarly to my work van.

So, what do you like best about the car?

It can carry four people – not necessarily in great comfort – but it can. It’s reasonably practical considering the performance and when it comes to bang for your buck I still think it’s unmatched.


Anything geekier?

It sounds fucking sad, but the toolkit under the passenger floor mat is smart – shame they didn’t have a locking wheelnut key in there when I needed it a few months back..

It has to be said, with such a capable and fast car – where do you go from here?

*laughs *.. 3 bedroom semi-detatched..

Nah, it’s on my mind every day but at the moment I can’t think of a better way to spend £40k. Just take a look at the R34 Skyline, this car’s predecessor – you can’t pick up a clean one for that price!



Describe your car in three words

Flash and Frenzied yet Sophisticated

For more pictures of Tom’s GTR be sure to check the gallery below.

Engine spec:
  • 3.8 L VR38DETT twin-turbo V6 engine with standard internals and turbos
  • 1000cc injector dynamic injectors
  • Whifbitz 76mm air intake kit
  • Severn valley motorsport catless heat-wrapped downpipes
  • Whifbitz resonated catless y-pipe
  • Bespoke 3.5” whifbitz stainless steel 3” cat-back with Ti tips
  • COBB Tuning Accesport V3
Other modifications: 
  • Uprated Dodson transmission circlips for 1st,2nd and 3rd gear
  • Alcon front discs with standard Brembo calipers
  • Carbon fibre engine cover
  • Carbon fibre bonnet struts


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