Only for the brave: is this the saddest Mercedes in the UK?

Today I came across something that is guaranteed to strike emotion deep within those who appreciate old Mercedes cars.

While browsing salvage auctions (as you do, right?), I stumbled across what could well be the saddest Mercedes in the UK.

Having clocked 325,623 miles since being registered in 1993, this particular W124 saloon now resides in Westbury, Wiltshire, where it seems destined for a rather undignified exit as a category D insurance total loss.

What we have here is a 1993 250D, a chassis and engine combination that plenty of car buffs would rank as up there with the absolute best. This example though, is something altogether unique.

The two-tone white and grey finish of this car must’ve truly looked the part back in the day. Now though, the years have been hard on the 250D’s body, and plenty of what was white is now flakey, blistered and brown.

Rust loves to nibble at the edges of 124s and so it’s hardly a surprise to see the front wings of this example have been ravaged. Its optional chrome arch trims are just about in place while the electric aerial at the rear wing appears to no longer be present, its absence made all the more obvious by an epic rust patch.

It’s not all sad news though – each of the car’s original spec wheel trims are present, so too is the three pointed star at the end of its bonnet. Under said bonnet, its 5 cylinder diesel lump still looks complete – look closer and you’ll even see hoses and plastic parts that look fairly recent.

Inside things are relatively grim. A mismatched and torn driving seat sticks out among the vast blue space that is the 250D’s interior. The ashtray is still present, and looks to have been used recently – you can almost smell it from here. A highlight has to be this car’s wooden rimmed Cosworth style wheel, perhaps a period option?

I dared to look into this car’s MOT history and, rather amazingly, it’s currently legal for use on Britain’s roads, although not for long. Still, its advisory list for its current MOT would fill at least one page and concludes that anything that could be is either rusty, leaking or has play in it.

The next MOT could be an expensive one

Currently, this sorry looking car is sat at £0 with no bids. Someone, somewhere, are you brave enough to take this on? Please place a bid.. before I do.

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