Timewarp Tuesday: The £30,000 Peugeot 205 GTI

Yesterday I found myself at the Silverstone classic (which was superb, more on that soon), but today’s news comes from the event’s auction house.

It’s lot 950 in particular that I want to talk about, a 1989 Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 that went under the hammer to reel in an astonishing £30,938.

image-thumb (3)
F425 MFJ sold for more than three times its original purchase price (image: Silverstone Auction)

According to the Silverstone Auction house itself, F425 MFJ is a one owner car that has clocked just 7,986 miles in its 27 year life.

It’s also almost exactly how Peugeot intended, with only a tasteful stainless steel exhaust and Cobra alarm being added since leaving the production line. Talking of which, this little pug still sits on the tyres it was sold on – sketchy, but just what the collectors are looking for.

As its vendor put it:

“The vehicle looks, drives and smells as close to new as you would find.  In other words, it is as close as you would ever get to being able to walk into a Peugeot dealership in 2016 and purchase a brand new model of what is generally recognised as being the best hot hatch ever built”.

Shockingly mint (image: Silverstone Auctions)

The sale price `(presumably excluding fees) totals more than triple the £10,001.93 its original owner shelled out on F425 MFJ.

It’s hardly surprising that this exceptional example made so much money, but after taking a look over to the classifieds, I’m still pleased to report that there are plenty of decent looking 205 GTIs still available for less than a fifth of this outlay.

Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 F425 MFJ silver
Here’s a picture that I took of this car, it really did look brand new

Below images: Silverstone Auctions


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