The folding roof of the Toyota Soarer Aerocabin must’ve blown minds in 1989

After getting lost in the car corner of YouTube, as I so often do, I stumbled across what has to be one of the most amazing JDM cars I’ve seen to date. The 1989 Toyota Soarer Aerocabin shared underpinnings and its 3 litre turbocharged, six-cylinder lump with the third generation Toyota Supra – but that’s not what this car is really about.

You see, those bizarre proportions hint at this car’s party piece – a massive, motorised roof that’s somewhere between a targa top and many of the folding hardtop designs we see today. Skip to 10min 25s into the video below to watch that in action. Or, if you’re like me and with a taste for 80s cars and JDM models, then be sure to watch it from the start.


Apparently, just 500 of these cars were ever made and, like much of Japan’s motoring magic, these were never available outside of the country. So 80s, so JDM, so RevMatch.


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