This human-powered Vauxhall Corsa could be yours for £1,600


Vauxhall’s Corsa B has always been subject to some heavy-handed modifications. Back in the 90s the Corsa was a poster child for the Max Power movement, where ill-fitting fiberglass panels, massive alloy wheels and vulgar sound system installs were once considered enhancements.

Those cars are mostly dead and gone but it seems not everyone is done messing with the Corsa and I guarantee you’ve not seen one quite like this before.

Spotted on eBay, where the car has so far failed to sell. This particular Corsa B has been subject to an engine swap, although it’s far from your usual C20XE red top conversion. Under the bonnet there’s now little more than a sheet of 9mm plywood as this Corsa is now powered by nothing more than pedal power.


Gone is most of the Corsa’s interior, its seats replaced by four foldable camping chairs. At the feet of each of the new seats there’s now a tubular frame with a chain driven drivetrain, similar to that found on a recumbent bicycle.

The exact details of the drivetrain aren’t obvious but what is clear is that each of the four seats within the Corsa can contribute to driving the 21 available gears of this unusual human-powered vehicle.


Other modifications are more obvious: the car’s wheels and tyres are now parts from a pit bike and the same can be said for the hydraulic disc brakes at each wheel. The suspension is now a custom trailing arm setup that uses shock absorbers from a Honda CBR125 motorcycle. Bizarrely enough, an electric panel inside the car retains control of the Corsa’s lights (which are now LEDs), along with its electric windows and original horn!

Well, I don’t fully understand it but I’ve definitely got time for this, and it sure looks like fun. The video above even shows that the human-powered Corsa has visited a pub – legends!

Currently stored in a barn in Henfield, England, this beast could be yours for £1,600 – here’s the auction link.

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