The Vauxhall Heritage Fleet in photographs

Tucked away in a modest building, next to Vauxhall’s main office in Luton, is the company’s Heritage Workshop; a timeless treasure trove of vehicles bearing the Griffin badge.

Step inside and, providing its fleet isn’t out working, you’ll find around 75 Vauxhall cars ranging from the nearly new to the very early 1900s.

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The collection is used by Vauxhall to satisfy the needs of the UK press as well as for the company’s own promotional and marketing purposes.

A few of the cars have been with the company since day one but the majority have been purchased from caring owners for the very purpose of being part of this collection.

You’ll notice that I haven’t once used the word museum, as this place is anything but. Rather, the vehicles here are taxed and tested, ready to take on the roads at short notice. That’s thanks to three full-time staff , who work to keep these meticulously maintained cars in true timewarp condition.

Sift through the images below and you’ll find everything from rust-free Cavaliers, Astras and Calibras to pre-war cars and even concepts.

Many of the cars are regularly borrowed by those higher up in the firm and some of the classier vehicles have even been used for staff weddings.

Vauxhall heritage cars in photographs


I’d like to say a big thanks to Pamela and the Vauxhall Heritage team for making this happen.



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